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2020 Vision

I have spent some time during this covid quarantine, to think back to the beginning of this year and how the term coronavirus was something that was gently tossed around, but didn’t have much weight in our society. Never once did it cross my mind that just 2 ½ months later, our worlds would be turned upside down because of it.

Another thing I remember as the new year was approaching – was really keying into the 20/20 vision that so many of us thought about, and even the humor it brought, as it took over the internet with re-runs of Barbara Walters from back in the day. But what does 20/20 vision really look like? I looked it up on the “world wide web”, which is the term my husband is lovingly using during this season of “virtual learning” to bother our sweet 13 year old. And the definition I found was “clarity or sharpness of vision”.

I know for me, the idea of 2020 vision, was in reality, my plans, my thoughts, what I thought was best, that is how the year would unfold. If I am honest, 2020 vision was defined by me as, God is finally going to see what I have been hoping and desiring all along and will do what only He can to make all the puzzle pieces fit, from finances exploding, relationships all responding the way I think is best, all the weight I have put on would drastically melt away without me having to change my eating habits, the dreams He has placed in my heart, that are too hard for me to fulfill on my own, would just happen without me having to do a thing, people would be healed emotionally and physically, world peace…all the things, but as we live through this unprecedented season, I am beginning to see a tiny glimpse of what He had in mind for 2020 vision.

Do you think, maybe, just maybe, 2020 vision from His standpoint is seeing Him first?

To start to line up our thinking with His, instead of trying to line up His word with what we think.

To invest in our relationship with Him, whether we have had Him in our lives forever, or we are still questioning if He is – the question that if we were to die today, would we see Him face to face.

To look into His word to answer all we question, instead of trying to answer our questions through social media, the news media, or an internet search.

To start loving people the way He has asked, instead of loving those that are easy and justifying why we can’t love the others.

To quickly respond to what He is asking us to do, instead of putting it on a ‘to-do’ list to get to at some point, or questioning if that crazy idea was just the pizza we ate late the night before

To put our priorities back in the order He said was best for us, instead of prioritizing our list first, hoping to find time for His

To remember the importance of people and time spent investing in others, not invested in a Netflix binge, money invested in Kingdom minded things, and not the next greatest “toy”

As I am writing this, all these things sent a stinger to my heart, I write all these from a vantage point that knows the "instead” side of the sentences, much more than His side. Which makes me think, if I choose to look at the remainder of this year through His 2020 vision, I am willing to say that the rest of this year will look much different than what I had thought on January 1st.

I have had more verses come to life to me than ever before, taking Him at His word, because it was either believe what I say I believe, or crumble under the fear. 20/20 vision.

I am hearing worship song lyrics now, not just singing them because they are on in the background. Singing Truth to my heart and mind to ease the unrest of the season. 20/20 vision

I have spent more quality time with my family, we have found new and creative ways to interact than I knew possible, we have shared more laughs, basketball games, working outside, walks, movies, and so much more. 20/20 vision

This extroverts point of view, thought I could only be used by Him face to face, with people, He has given us the gift of technology to continue to stay connected, and in my lifetime of small groups, I have never been more excited to “meet” than during this time of technology dependency – these have been and will continue to be some of the Best groups I have ever had the privilege of being a part of and actually opened up and given time to host even more groups! 20/20 vision

I get to be intentional to reach out to those people I often think about, yet never do anything about, because I just don’t have the time or energy. 20/20 vision

I had taken for granted the time I got to spend with my people, from far off events planned to celebrate them, to the last-minute phone call for lunch or a game night, to working everyday with them, to small groups. I have a deeper appreciation for my people and how precious and grateful I am for them and my time with them! 20/20 vision

Rest, I am praying that this time is not just a time for physical rest, but emotional rest, for when the green light is given, I will have not wasted this time, but will be energized in Him to go to the next level and to remember the importance of rest! 20/20 vision

I have never been more dependent in every area of my life, than I am, we are, right now. He promises that He will supply every one of our needs. I must choose to trust Him, He has been faithful before, why would He stop now! 20/20 vision.

I want to not only see His 2020 vision, but choose to live in that lens, long after this season of our lives is over. I know we will look back and know this season was used for a greater purpose, to be closer to Him and to those around us and walk through the rest of our days here on earth with His 20/20 vision, with the "clarity and sharpness of vision" for what He wants!

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