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Being Intentional

I have been struggling with how fast life seems to be going. Even though the calendar said it was Thanksgiving, my mind still felt like we were in early September. And now with Christmas just 2 weeks away, I am just not "there yet" - all the feels have not gotten me and there are moments it seems I am just going through the motions, because the calendar says I should.

Now, I love to decorate, and the interior of our house was done a couple weeks before Thanksgiving - and the exterior of our house was done Thanksgiving weekend, but still with all that - it still doesn't "feel" like Christmas.

Last night we experienced a first for us since living on the southwest side of Atlanta - a significant amount of snow - now for someone who grew up in Michigan, where snow could fall as early as late October and as late as Mother's Day, seeing snow is not a big deal. However, when you are looking through the eyes of your 10 year old son - it is a completely different story. The adult in me, wants to say, the roads will be a mess, everything will be canceled, it is too cold, I don't have bread and milk (the first thing to fly off the shelves of the grocery stores around here, at the first mention of any chance of snow. Which brings up a question I have been struggling with, why is toilet paper not on the must have during a snow storm list? Yet I digress), what if the power goes out and the adult list in my head keeps swirling. And quite honestly, getting up to play in the winter wonderland, after being all warm and cozy in my bed, really did not sound like the perfect morning, but alas the smile and wonder of a 10 year old, quickly changed that!

While we lived in Michigan, seeing snow was so common that we never really made it a point to go out and enjoy it - to build a snowman, to have a snow ball fight - instead I grumbled about how cold it was, and having to shovel and "be out in the middle of the storm". Well Georgia has given me a new perspective of snow. For one, when they forecast it, we don't always actually get it. The second is, more than likely by this afternoon, the snow will be gone! So we had to be intentional about getting up, out and enjoying it. And yet, I still wasn't sure I wanted too, but I knew the timeframe was short to enjoy it! So we did, we layered up and headed out and we had a BLAST! Snowball fights, building a snowman (the largest one I have ever made), snow football and laughing until tears ran down my legs from slipping and sliding trying to "tackle" each other. We had SO MUCH fun!!! But we, well honestly my hubby and son were going out no matter what, but I had to choose intentionality. Intentional to make memories while time is short, both with the snow and with my family. To get out of the coziness, comfort and warmth of the house, and get snow covered, cold, and wet. To move beyond what felt good at the moment, to find what was best outside!

And the same goes for how I am feeling about Christmas this year - that even if I don't feel like it - Christmas is still here, and I need to choose to be intentional about celebrating the One who this season is about, and not just one day on the calendar, but year around! And not just for me and those closest to me, but for those that may not know the real reason for the season.

Our time here on earth is but a tiny dot - a dash, as will be depicted on our tombstone. We have a lot of choices on what to do with that dash. Will we be intentional and choose what God is asking us to do, or will we choose to remain where it is comfortable? Do we step out into uncertain territory because God has asked us, or do we continue to do what we have always done, and end up feeling frustrated and wondering if our lives are making a difference. Do I choose to follow what "feels" right at the moment, not considering how my choices will have long term affects, or am I intentional in my decision making process? If I had gone with my feelings this morning, I would have missed out on laughs, memories, fun and meeting our new friend "Dot the snowman" - great things happen in intentionality. And when we intentionally Seek Him, His plan for us and are obedient to what He has asked us to do - lives are changes, chains are broken, and people are set free - never underestimate the significance of being intentional!!

"Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us." Ephesians 3:20. SO MUCH MORE!!

Now go be intentional today - it could be the best laugh you have had, the biggest reward you could receive or it could mean an eternal decision for someone you meet!!! You are loved!!!

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