Our Founder and Executive Director


Anna Clay


I have always wanted to see people succeed not only in this world, but so much more in the calling Jesus has for Each person. What can I do to help people achieve their dreams of fulfilling God’s purpose in their lives when all they have known is rejection and brokenness in many areas of their lives? When I became acquainted with an organization to help men to put their livesback together – regenerating them – to see what God’s purpose is in their lives, even though at this point they were broken from drug and alcohol abuse, I saw that God has a restoration plan for men, so why not for women with the same alcohol and drug abuse way of life?  Christ takes our brokenness and restores us to wholeness.  Only when we give our lives of recklessness, shame, regret to Him, ask Him to forgive us, can be on our journey to recovery and restoration.  Women so desperately need to feel loved, secure and to be set free to do God’s will in their lives.  That is what “Walk of Faith House” is – a place where we can surrender all.  Hope, love and restoration is totally possible.This “Walk of Faith House” will do just that in giving you the opportunity to be set free and be all Christ wants for you to be, but it is your 100% commitment that makes it work. My dream is to see you walk in Freedom and it is indeed a daily walk of faith.

Kim Maniaci
Executive Director


My heart for Walk of Faith House lies in the families lives, not just the one whose life has been caught in addiction– I want and desire for the entire family to walk in freedom in Christ!  I want them to experience, what I have experienced.  I want them to walk away a stronger family unit, to work together and share their testimony for what a great God we serve – One who restores, regenerates, revives!  For each one to get past the blame game, to accept responsibility for their role, to accept and grant forgiveness, to find the reason they walk this planet, to fill the void in their life, that only Christ can fill and learn to live a life that daily allows them to love as Christ has loved each one of us.  


After my personal journey of wandering in the desert for 40 years and to see God’s promises to me come to life, is a true miracle.  There was a time when my only hope was “as long there is breath, there is hope”, and yes, that did keep me moving forward and if nothing else breathing, just praying to make it to the next moment, however, I can say after just surviving I am now in a place of thriving, and not because of me, but because of Him!  It did require me to say to Christ, “I am done, I can’t do this anymore, I know there is more, please take me and mold me into what you want!”  And this took me 31 years after the moment I asked Christ into my life – but He never gave up on me, and all the junk, the nonsense, the looking for the void fillers in all the wrong places, were not necessarily fun, but help to mold me into who I am today and I would not trade them for the world.  God NEVER gave up on me and He has not anyone of you either – His plan is so big for each one of us, that we cannot even hope or imagine it!  Keep walking on this walk of faith and be amazed at all God has in store for you!!  To God be the Glory!!!!!!



I am married to John and we have a 14-year-old son Luke.   I graduated from Saginaw Valley State with a bachelors degree in Business Management and recently graduated from Highlands College with a certificate of ministry, I am also pursuing a career in public speaking, sharing my testimony and dispelling the yeah buts of life to a life of SO MUCH MORE!

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us.  Ephesians 3:20