When our sight changes

My husband and I are originally from Michigan, but we have lived in Georgia for almost 9 years. When we lived in Michigan, we had an occasional tornado, and some heavy snow storms that we had prepared for, but neither of those type events created the preparation that we dealt with recently. We found ourselves in our first ever path of a hurricane, hurricane Irma, one so strong that outside of Atlanta we were under a tropical storm warning. Outside of the threat of Y2K, I have never prepared for anything like this – and it was fun and a little weird all at the same time. We moved all outdoor objects that could be easily picked up by the winds into our garage, we shopped for bottled water a

At the Feet of the Master

We spent this last weekend camping with friends, who we affectionately call our “Framily”. And they have two of the sweetest dogs, named Mandy and Murphy. Mandy is a small black poodle, who can jump like a jack rabbit and is lightning fast. Murphy is a goldendoodle, laid back and a lover of life, with floppy feet and reminds me of the big dog on Sesame Street. Greg, Susan and Matthew are Mandy and Murphy’s humans, but to watch these dogs with Susan, is something to behold. They absolutely adore her and can barely contain themselves when she is in sight but not right there next to them. When they hear her voice, their ears perk up and they look for her and pull as hard as they can on their le

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