The Current

This summer I have spent quite a few mornings, and some evenings, enjoying my friends pool - some of the time was focused on water aerobics and some was just fun time spent with family and friends. However, almost every time I have been there, we have ended up doing a current in the pool. The pool is more of a kidney shape, so the first time we did it, I was not sure it was going to work, but it did. Throughout these times in the pool, there have been anywhere from 2-10 people at a time swimming to form the current, but there are some things I have observed from this exercise. -No matter how many people are in the pool, after one time around, the water is already going in the same directi

Just Ask

Recently we were at a gala, and as the meal was finishing, the servers brought around to each table, a gooey, warm, chocolate cake oozing, like a volcano, with chocolate “scrumptioness” and as we each commented on how full we were from dinner, several of us dove into the cake anyway, but our mouth was watering for the perfect “side dish”. The event was serving coffee (which I love, but it was way past what I refer to as “coffee thirty” – that hour in the day, that if I drink coffee, I may as well plan an all night party), water and sweet tea – nothing that satisfied that need for just the right thing. When a person across the table from us said, “wow, a glass of milk would be perfect with th

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